Community Preparedness Group (CPG)
Millville, UT - Main Chapter
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This website is a resource center for information related to our group studies and efforts in effecting personal preparedness.

We advocate a law abiding attitude and demand the same of our elected political leaders, especially regarding the Constitution of the United States of America. We believe in being prepared in all respects and to support our community leaders, Sheriffs, and Police Deptartments.

We will continue to add information pertinent to preparedness and events in our community and nation. Please see the menu to the left and the information column to the right.


Site Updated: 28 Feb. 2014

CERT Training

CERT Training for Millville, UT is starting a new series of classes beginning Mar. 6, 2014, at the Cache County Sheriff's Complex. If you have classes to be made up, they can be made up then (contact Sandy Spendlove of Utah CERT, or Cindy Cummings (of Millville City) for more information). Millville now has a number of people who are registered and authorized as CERT emergency responders.

CPG Personal Preparedness Classes

Classes started Jan. 8, 2014 and have now ended. We are planning for a new series later this year (probably in September).

A copy of the flyer that the City of Millville included in their monthly billing can be found here. It lists a schedule of classes.

We are looking for volunteers to teach upcoming preparedness classes
If you feel qualified, pleasecontact us (additional contact information can be found on the flyer link above). A list of upcoming classes may be
found here.